January 29, 2012

Ok the last three days I have continued my adventure hike’s daily and I want to thank my god-daughter Caisey and Brian for taking me on top of Bristol Resevoir yesterday! Sadly I forgot my camera but we did spend alot of time talking and I had a blast.

That prompted me to attempt my mountain  today and try to get a glimpse of a deer. I had a fun, sweat a little, and yes had a dream come true I got a pic of a deer, two actually just for you. She stood still and let me snap 2 after I was huffing and puffing my way straight uphill. After the second pic and the flash she flagged and loped gracefully up the hill. The blue tubing you see in the pics is our maple pipeline. On my wish list would be to get a pic of a local moose and perhaps a coydog. The mountain took 1 hour and 10 mins and one good spill. I didn’t get hurt but did get a little wet.


2 responses to “January 29, 2012

  1. So neat, it was like she said ok but just my good side, and stood still for two. Where is all the snow??.

  2. No snow and honestly Im lovin’ it.

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