February 9, 2012

I took yesterday off. Even the wicked need a rest. Today I may have overdone 2 hours on the east mountain and got back after dark. Sorry no pics I will get some tomorrow. Hiking with a friend! Stay tuned.


February 7, 2012

February 6, 2012

Today my dad would have been 90. In honor of him I went hiking where he lived as a child. Saw a ton of red squirrels and found my 3 wayward Bard owls are hanging out here. Just across the road on the other mountain, Hooo knew?

February 5, 2012

February 3, 2012

New hiking boots for Alaska! I spent an hour or so at the Audubon Center this afternoon. Only saw a spunky red squirrel but took alot of pics anyways.

February 2, 2012

Poor groundhog didn’t see his shadow. I took a quick hike to the Bessy lot and back. It was about 28 degrees out. No animals to be seen.

February 1, 2012

Rain ….. I still went for my hike the reverse way over the mountain. I saw 3 deer but did not get a pic. I did hike in a t-shirt, jeans and hiking boots. I can’t believe this is February.